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Capturing the moments of a good life


I've been thinking a lot about things lately. The things that motivate me and fulfill me. I feel underwhelmed with things lately. Looking for creative inspiration or something to change up the mundane in my world right now. It's a visual solution. Something something photography, ...


I'm not one to wax poetic about sitcoms. The situational comedy has devolved into one of the most base forms of entertainment in today's modern culture. Still, when done right, they have a way to speak to audiences and entire generations in ways that very few mediums can. The series "How ...

Color Studies with Matt Hollingsworth

The brilliant colorist Matt Hollingsworth (Hawkeye) recently posted these brilliant experiments with color on an issue of Hawkeye. These are amazing and inspiring. Follow Matt on twitter at @MDHollingsworth Applying a Maxfield Parrish palette to an entire issue of Hawkeye. ...