Hastily Written Reviews: The Signal and the Noise

Nate Silver is enjoying a pretty good week. After pretty much cleaning up during the elections, a daily show appearance, and even a #natesilverfacts trending topic – he’s been on the mind of a lot of people. Including myself. I picked up his book on the evening of the election and have only put it down to sleep and to work (We can shove this blog post into the work category, for the sake of simplicity). The book, whose sales have skyrocketed post election, is an amazing read. Quick and easy – with simple explanations for complex things – I have enjoyed it immensely.

I’ve always been a fan of math. I even have had a stat crush on Nate since his PECOTA days. In fact, baseball is where my math crush has really started to blossom. And, as I dive into running my own department, I am really starting to dive into it again. With digital marketing, there is so much NOISE out there, and I have been working with my team to figure out where the signal is. What are the important things to focus on? What are the harbingers of failure and the traits of success? Those people who say that you can’t find the value of marketing online are the ones who can’t filter out the noise.

Of course, that is a simplistic statement about my industry. Still, I’ve always tried to build my basis around numbers and facts, and learning more about how to do that in a way that’s inspiring and tangible like Nate’s book, is a good way. I definitely suggest picking it up if you don’t have it. If you’re nice, I can let you borrow it through Kindle. If you’re reading it, or planning on picking it up, let me know. We can discuss it over a drink.