“The Real Leader has no need to lead. He is content to point the way.” – Henry Miller

President Obama was reelected the other night. I’m a firm believer that this country isn’t run by a single person, but rather by something bigger than that. Perhaps it’s democratic naiveté. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but as I watch my country be split down the center due to a political climate set to destroy us, I wonder where have the leaders gone. Where are the people that can pull us forward – out of this quagmire of binary arguments and fifty states without a single shade of grey. Then I watched this video.

Feel free to disagree about President Obama on the issues. Feel free to think his policies are awful. Hell, I give you permission to dread the next four years. That’s the power of political choice. However, if you watch this video without being inspired – then I feel bad for you. Obama is right. The people – the generation that I am slowly exiting and the one that is right behind me is the one that will make the significant changes toward progress. And we will each do it in our own ways. From private to public sector. From blue state to red state. We need to ignore the example of those currently in power – all of them – and charge forth with our own ideas and our own methodology. It’s up to us to be leaders. To point the way toward a world that is better than our current ones – just as our predecessors did for us.